Release notes

Op deze pagina worden de release notes getoond voor de applicatie Asset Recovery

Version v2.19.0 (24 jan 2023)

Improvements and new features

  • Added attributes 'intermediary' and 'date and time of previous investigation' to asset detail.


  • Status field in the export of the Recovery report now correctly visible for all statuses.

Version v2.16.1 (1 dec 2022)

Improvements and new features:
  • The creation time column in the Reports screen is now the first column.
  • Upgrade naar nieuwe library v1011.0.37.

Version v2.15.0 (20 sept 2022)

Improvements and new features:
  • Show the policy number on the asset detail page.
  • Added a copy to clipboard button with success message.
  • For finished recoveries, the location trace is set to 1000 to allow for analysis.

Versie v2.14.0 (26 juli 2022)

Verbeteringen en nieuwe mogelijkheden:
  • De gegevens over de fiets/motor (merk, type, etc.) worden verwijderd van het object nadat de opsporing door de Control room stopgezet is. Dit gebeurde al als de fiets gevonden wordt gemeld.

Versie v2.13.0 (12 juli 2022)

Verbeteringen en nieuwe mogelijkheden:
  • Nieuwe knop 'Opsporing beëindigen' in de Objectdetailpagina. Met deze knop kan de opsporing definitief beëindigd worden.
  • Zodra de opsporing definitief beëindigd is, wordt het object uit de lijst van vermiste objecten verwijderd.
  • De zoektocht kan pas definitief beëindigd worden nadat het object minimaal 48 uur vermist is geweest. Ook moet het object zijn afgemeld in de Asset recovery app en moet het opsporingsrapport volledig zijn ingevuld.

Versie v2.12.0 (28 juni 2022)

Verbeteringen en nieuwe mogelijkheden:
  • Termen aangepast en correct naar Nederlands vertaald zodat alle termen consistent zijn met Asset insurance.
  • Probleem opgelost dat de times doorlopen op het Report detail scherm
  • Create agent modal verbeterd
  • Cursorvisualisatie aangepast bij hover over knoppen

Version v2.10.0 @ 3 May 2022

Versions Asset Insurance and Asset Recovery are now synchronized. This version is compatible with asset-insurance version 2.10.0.

Version v2.5.0 @ 18 January 2022

  • When the realtime mode is enabled on the asset overview page, refresh every 60 seconds instead of 5 seconds to reduce network traffic.

Version v2.4.0 @ 14 December 2021

  • Adjustments to the map on the asset detail page:
    1. 1.
      The map on the asset detail page now shows a separate color for wifi and lora trails. This also applies to the corresponding location events. This gives the user visual support as to which type of tracking is being looked at.
    2. 2.
      When a map is selected, the corresponding place on the map will be highlighted. When a place on the map is clicked, then the corresponding map will be highlighted.
    3. 3.
      When switching between Wifi and Lora positioning, the zoom level will fix itself instead of zooming out again. This makes it easier for the user to compare the two types of locators and which one to use.
  • Moving the map on the asset detail page shows an arrow instead of a hand.
  • Several ENG-NL translations implemented.
  • Performance improvement of the statistics page by increasing the page size of the detections to be retrieved.
  • The BOA overview has been updated to fully Angular code. The number of pending investigations is now correctly counted and it is possible to disable/enable BOAs.
  • A BOA can be removed if there are no assignments for this BOA (also no assignments in the history).
  • Disabled BOA's can no longer be linked to a missing person. They are no longer shown in the list of BOAs when assigning to a missing person on the Asset Detail screen.
  • The detail map at a selected point on the map has been optimized and shows the correct updated data.

Release v2.3.0 - 30-11-2021

  • It's now possible to add the 'Device type'to the asses detail page.
  • Statistics have been extended which now distinguishes between the v1 and v3 version of the location tag.
  • Apama rules have been extended to add the hardware model to the recovery attempt (running attempts are updated).
  • Improved various translations.

Release v2.2.0 - 16-11-2021

  • Handle wifi and lora measurements.
  • Asset Detail page extended with 2 extra fields (device type and wifi localization time).
  • Event list expanded with a call to Atlas service to retrieve address data at an event.
  • Added toggle to switch between wifi and lora localizations.
  • Change missing time to minutes only.
  • Improved various translations.

Release v2.1.0 - 2-11-2021

  • Refactor of asset detail page.
  • Added an Event list to the asset detail page.

Release v2.0.0 - 26-jul-2021

  • Conversion of the AngularJS code to a hybrid form of Angular and AngularJS.
  • New styling based on Angular.
  • Added inline styles to prevent modal buttons from moving to the right
  • No new line at end of file

Release v1.6.0 - 25-jun-2021

  • A change has been made to the screen with the overview of open investigations which has significantly improved the performance.
  • Implementation of APAMA monitors to replace the current business logic in CEP rules.
  • Adjustment for showing the recovery attempts on the recovery statistics page (numbers were not shown correctly)

Release v1.5.0 - 22-09-2020

  • It is now possible to see current data at the 'Asset Detail' window (as this is also seen in the 'Asset Overview' window). By default this is on. By clicking on the 'real time indicator' the user can turn it on or off.
  • Reassigning 'agents' - If an agent was reassigned no report was generated for this (if required). This has been solved, from now on there is a report available.

Release v1.4.0 - 25-08-2020

  • If the 'Realtime' mode is enabled, the blue circles will no longer hide the map. This was caused, because every 5 seconds, when updating the 'asset radius', a new blue circle was drawn over the old one.
  • If the 'real time mode' was enabled, then the map would zoom back to a specific zoom level. Now when the map is updated it will remain at its current zoom level.

Release v1.3.1 - 07-04-2020

  • With the new implementation of the commercial OpenStreetMaps at SoftwareAG, we are no longer dependent on the free OpenStreetMaps and associated limitations.
  • Added distance circle to the 'Asset Detail' map to make the search area clearer.
  • Added distance circle to the 'Asset Detail' map to make the search area clearer.
  • Improved functionality of agent detection and underlying reports.
  • Some text improvements.
  • Fixed the known problem with gray tiles in OpenStreetMaps.
  • Showing statistics per BOA is solved.

Release v1.2.3

  • Tijd van de laatste locatie-update van een 'asset' toegevoegd aan de overzichtspagina en detailpagina van het 'asset'.
  • Mogelijkheid toegevoegd om het 'asset' opnieuw toe te wijzen. Dit zorgt voor een tal van nieuwe extra mogelijkheden.
  • De 'Assign'-knop wijzigt naar een 'Reassing'-knop als een 'agent' is toegewezen
  • Een teller voor het aantal toewijzingen aan verschillende 'agents' staat naast de naam van het 'asset'.
  • Bevestiging van de 'agent' toegevoegd, welke wordt getoond door het symbool naast de naam van de 'agent'.
  • 'Recovery Reports' pagina vernieuwd met 2 nieuwe resultaat-statussen, namelijk 'Recalled' en 'Reassigned'.
  • Mogelijkheid toegevoegd om, de door de 'agent' gecreëerde rapportages, aan te passen
  • De 'plugin' voor de statistieken is volledig vernieuwd met meer inzichtelijke statistieken zoals:
    • Complete lijst van de 'Recovery'-statistieken
    • Aantal toewijzingen per BOA
    • Lijst van 'Recovery'-statistieken voor elke BOA (meerdere BOA’s zijn te selecteren om de resultaten te vergelijken)

Release v1.2.0

  • All report information can be changed.
  • Reports are created for reassignment and revocation.
  • 'Assignment' time has been added to the report.
  • The report overview is now sorted by date.
  • ''Asset' information is removed when finding or revoking an 'asset'.
  • Reassignment of BOAs is now possible.
  • Number of attempts for assets are now visible via labels in the asset overview window.
  • Time configuration has been changed to HH:MM:SS.
  • Times are corrected.
  • Finding an asset now triggers an UPLINK to the Unigarant tenant to set it back to 'Active'.
  • Statistics 'plugin' created to analyze the 'asset attempts' per BOA.

Release v1.1.0

  • Automatic report created when an asset is 'recalled' from the asset insurance application.
  • It shows when a BOA has seen and accepted the 'assignment'.
  • 'Asset' information is deleted when a report is created. This to save data / enable an 'asset' to be reported missing again.

Release v1.0.1

  • Assigned agent on the 'marker pop-up' at the detail window of the 'asset'.

Release v1.0.0

  • The issue with the 'Missing' icons has been resolved.

Release v0.2.0

  • Added 4 new plug-ins:
    • 'Missing assets'
    • 'Reports'
    • 'Agents'
    • 'Metrics'
  • A connection has been made by means of a 'databroker' between this application and 'Asset Insurance Assets which are set on 'missing' are automatically ported to 'Recovery'.
  • A list of all 'Missing Assets' is shown on the 'Missing Assets' page.
  • Assigning an 'agent' to an 'asset' can be done by clicking on the 'user-plus' icon. This opens an input window with some mandatory input fields.
  • The 'Asset' list is sorted by length of time missing, with 'assets' already assigned to an 'agent' appearing at the bottom.
  • A map with the last known location of the 'Assets' is placed next to the list of 'Missing Assets'.
  • 'Recovery' reports, which are created via the Mobile App, are shown on the 'Reports' page.
  • Report details are shown on a 'Report detail' page, which you can visit by clicking on the ID of the report in question.
  • Reports can be supplemented with additional information on the detail page of a report
  • Recovery Agents are located on the Agents page.
  • Recovery Agents can only be created by admins, disabled or deleted.
  • A statistics page is added that gives an overview of the overall performance of the recovery service.
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