Downlink communication

When data is sent to the device

All downlink communication is requested on and managed by the Actuator API. Optionally a Destination can request and manage downlink communication as well.

After a downlink is requested on the Actuator API it is encoded. Meaning the downlink is translated to a message the device will understand. After encoding the downlink is send over the selected network to your device.

The network (and the device) will report feedback about the delivery of the downlink to the Actuator API. This information can be retrieved by the application, or the Things Connector fetches this information into your system.

Actuator API

Using the KPN Things Portal, you can request downlinks, and check their progress. Learn more about downlink in the KPN Things Portal or read or getting started on sending a downlink to a LoRa Device via the Portal.

Since December 2020 it is also possible to directly call the Actuator API! Head on over to the API access documentation for more information!


Using our encoders the downlink request is translated to a device specific message. All available encoders are listed on the Supported devices page.

pageSupported device types

Use the Specification API to get more information on selected encoders.

Network support

Currently the following networks are supported for downlink communication:

In the future certain Destination types will support downlink communication.

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