Introduction to Destinations

Everything about forwarding your IoT data to your desired destination

In KPN Things you can add your Destinations to have your IoT data forwarded to the platform or endpoint you desire. KPN Things Destinations are part of the KPN Things Data Management platform.

We currently support five types of destinations:

Destination type





Forward IoT data from your devices to one of your Azure Event Hubs

To connect to your Azure IoT Hub.


To connect to a Cumulocity tenant.

To forward IoT data to your HTTPS endpoint.

To securely connect to your own MQTT broker and have IoT data forwarded.


Mgmt - Whether KPN Things can manage objects in the connected destination. Up - Whether KPN Things can send uplink data to the connected destination. Down - Whether KPN things can send downlink data to the connected destination.

Technical specifications

Do you want to whitelist our IP address in your application? This is our outgoing IP address:

KPN Things Outgoing IP address

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