KPN Things LoRa

You can register your LoRa devices directly on KPN Things. This will register your device in our network simultaneously. After registration your device can directly join our network. Further configuration KPN Things allows you to decode and forward the data of your LoRa devices to your application. Learn more about all parts of the data chain in KPN Things.

KPN Things only supports the registration of OTAA devices. ABP devices are not secure enough.

Device registration

Our KPN Things Portal documentation explains registering your LoRa device in detail. Click the page link below to learn more:

Data protocol choice

KPN Things supports all LoRa data protocols. All data representations can be forwarded as raw hexadecimal payload to each destination type.

But if you use a LoRa data protocol that is known to KPN Things, your payload can be decoded in KPN Things, allowing you use additional data processing features in KPN Things. There are several options to

  1. Use a device that is already in the supported device types list.

  2. Contact to get your device in the supported device types list.

  3. Use ThingsML as data protocol. ThingsML is an extension of SenML that is suitable for LoRa communication.

Further reading

Our KPN LoRa documentation gives you more technical information on the LoRa network.

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