KPN Things Portal

This is a user guide to the KPN Things Portal, the online portal to manage your IoT devices and solutions.

Plugs → Destinations As of Version 10 of the Portal (21th April '20), Plugs are now called Destinations!

Groups → Flows As of Version 13 of the Portal (2nd June '20), Groups are now called Flows!

The KPN Things Portal is the self-service website for the KPN Things platform. The portal allows you to connect your devices to one of KPN's mobile networks, decode the device payload and forward the payload to any given endpoint.

KPN Things Portal for Developers

If you registered for a free for KPN Things, you have a KPN Developer account. With this account you get free access to the KPN Things Portal. You also get one free KPN Things Data Management project which you can configure as you wish with the following limitations:

  • One project on the KPN Things platform

  • Free, limited registration of up to 3 devices to KPN's nationwide LoRaWAN network

  • Free use of LoRa Geolocation

  • Insight in LoRaWAN network communication

  • Optional payload decoding for 2 supported device types

  • Up to 3 configured destinations

KPN Things Portal for Business

If you are interested in more features than the Developer account has to offer, please contact our commercial support on for more information.