Bulk reports

In the KPN Things Portal it is possible to perform certain actions in bulk, meaning a single actions is performed on multiple objects at the same time. The following operations are currently supported as bulk action:

All Bulk reports page

All historical bulk operations can be found on the Bulk Report page, directly accessible through the side menu in the KPN Things Portal. This page shows you all executed bulk operations and their results.

By clicking on a specific Bulk report you open its details.

Bulk report detail page

The Bulk report detail page shows you every operation of the bulk action and whether the result was successful or not. This allows you to review past bulk operations and maybe fix some things if neccesary.

Further reading

If you are interested in automating an administrative operation in the KPN Things Portal, you could also look in to KPN Things API access, allowing you to write your own scripts to perform certain actions in your KPN Things account.

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