What is a Project?

Each project defines a solution you buy or build in KPN Things.

A project has the following attributes:

  • UUID - the technical identifier of your project.

  • Name - the name you give to your project.

  • Description (optional) - further explanation of your project.

  • Creation date - the moment your project was created.

  • Subscription - the type of project you have, determined by what product you bought.

Project subscription

The project subscription determines what you can and may do in the KPN Things Portal. Some KPN Things provide you with more features in the Portal then others.

Depending on the Subscription of your Project, one or more of the following restrictions can apply:



End date

The moment your project will expire. Make sure to extend your Project before this date to prevent loss of data.

Device limit

The maximum number of unique devices allowed in your Project. Devices that are linked to multiple Flows in the Project only count as one.

Flow limit

The maximum number of Flows allowed in your Project.

Destination limit

The maximum number of Destinations allowed in your Project. Destinations that are linked to multiple Flows.

will count for the number of links they have in this Project.

Allowed Device types

The device types that are available in your project. Learn more about device types.

Allowed Network types

The type of networks that are available in this Project.

You can find applicable restrictions on the Project detail page of a Project.

All Projects page

This is an overview of all your Projects. Each Project defines a solution you buy or build in KPN Things. If you are a free user, you will get one project named My first project.

  1. The number of Projects you have.

  2. Information about all your Projects

  3. Do you want to upgrade one of your Projects? Click on Upgrade Subscription.

Project overview page

The Project overview page gives you a handy overview of a selected Project.

  1. The name, description and type of subscription of the selected project.

  2. Link to the project details.

  3. Depending on the number of Flows in your Project, you will have

    1. No Flows: A link to create the first Flow in your Project

    2. 1 Flow: A direct link to the one Flow in your Project

    3. 2 or more Flows: Link to the list of Flows in the selected project.

  4. The number of unique Devices in your Project. A Device that is linked to two Flows in your Project still counts as one.

  5. The number of Destinations links in your Project. A Destination that is linked to two Flows in your Project counts as two.

Project details page

On this page you will find technical details of your project.

At the project details page, you can edit the name and description of your project yourself.

Flows in Project page

This page lets you manage the Flows in your Project. This page can be reached quickly using the "Flows" link in the side menu for the Project you have opened.

It shows you:

  1. The number of Flows you have in the current Project.

  2. An overview of the Flows in the current Project, the number of Devices in those Flows and a link to the Flow overview page and Devices in Flow page.

  3. Button to add another Flow to your Project.

Add Flow to Project

After clicking on Add Flow on the Flows in Project page, you see the following screen:

Here you can enter a name for your new Flow (#1) and an optional description (#2). Then click Create Flow (#3) to create the new flow in your Project.

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