You need an account to get access to KPN Things. This can be a KPN Developer account or a MijnKPN Zakelijk account.

Both types of account are part of our GRIP platform. Grip is developed by KPN to provide secure and easy access to your (KPN) applications. Through the GRIP Portal you can manage your KPN application subscriptions and you can perform user management. The exact functionality you have in the GRIP Portal depends on the subscriptions you have for different KPN products. Learn more about GRIP.

User management in GRIP

If your MijnKPN Zakelijk account has administration rights for your company, you can perform user management in the GRIP Portal, which is accessible through the link below.

While user management is available in the GRIP portal of KPN Developer accounts, KPN Things only allows the primary user of a KPN Developer account to access KPN Things.

If you want to be able to access KPN Things with multiple users from your account, you need to upgrade to a paid KPN Things subscription.

KPN Developer account

If you have registered for free for the KPN Things Portal, you have acquired a KPN Developer account. Currently, only the KPN Things Portal is accessible for a KPN Developer account. In the near future, other KPN Developer products, such as the KPN API Store can be accessed using your KPN Developer account.

Do you want to get a KPN Developer account for KPN Things? Register for free here!

Delete account

Do you wish to delete your KPN Developer account? Please send an email to with the request to be deleted from the KPN Things Portal.

Please attach a screenshot of your Profile page so we have the right information to remove your credentials from our system.

MijnKPN Zakelijk account

Are you interested to use KPN Things with your company? Or do you already have a MijnKPN Zakelijk account and do you want to add KPN Things to the products you are purchasing from KPN? Please contact our sales support through for more information.

Learn more about MijnKPN Zakelijk.

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