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💎 Add-on feature This feature is only available when purchased the Customer Management add-on. Please contact if your are interested!

With Customer Management, you get the possibility to manage your own customers using separate customer environment in KPN Things. It is an extra administrative layer in the KPN Things Portal.

If you have Customer Management enabled in your KPN Things license, you will have an additional link in your side menu: All Customers (as indicated in the screenshot below). Click on it to open your customer list.

All Customers page

After clicking All Customers in the side menu, you will get an overview of all your customers.

In the screenshot the following elements are highlighted:

  1. The number of Customers in your current view and your total number of Customers.

  2. The company name of your Customer.

  3. The name of the primary contact of your Customer.

  4. The number of Projects your Customer has.

  5. The number of Devices your Customer has.

  6. The number of Destinations your Customer has.

  7. A quick link to the All Devices page of your Customer.

  8. Clicking on a row in the table will direct you to the Customer details page of the selected Customer.

  9. A search bar to search for a specific Customer name.

Switching to Customer environment

After opening one of your Customers, your submenu will change. The top part will stay the same and will provide you a way back to your own Customer environment (#1 in the screenshot below). The bottom part of the side menu will now show you navigation for the environment of your Customer (#2 in the screenshot below), allowing you to open and/or manage the objects in the environment of your Customer.

Add new Customer

Adding new Customers will be added later. For now, if you want to add a new Customer, you should contact our service desk through the service portal.

Customer overview page

The Customer overview page provides you with a quick overview of the environment of your customer.

On this page you find:

  1. A summary of the properties of your Customer.

  2. A link to the Customer details page.

  3. The number of Projects of your Customer and a link to those Projects.

  4. The number of Devices of your Customer and a link to those Devices.

  5. The number of Destinations of your Customer and a link to those Destinations.

  6. Quick links to add new objects to your Customer (buttons are disabled if you do not have rights)

Customer details page

After switching to the Customer environment, you see the Customer details page. This page gives you a quick overview of the Customer details, like name and email address.

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