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General questions

The Portal does not look very nice in my browser

For security reasons our platform uses the latest browser technologies for the KPN Things Portal. This means that the Portal will not work optimally in not-up-to-date browsers and underdeveloped browsers. Please use an up-to-date version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best user experience.

Suddenly the Portal disappeared and I see the following screen

Your Portal will automatically log out when you are inactive for more than 2 hours. Use the button to go to your KPN Developer account homepage, or reenter https://portal.kpnthings.com in your browser's address bar to login again.

Registration and logging in

I get the error "Registration failed" when registering for a new KPN Developer account

When you get this error, first check whether you already have registered a KPN Developer account with the email address you are using. Do this by trying to login. If you reach a page where you can enter your password, you do already have an account. You can use the forgot password link to reset your password in case you forgot.

I was a user of the LoRa Developer Portal, what should I take into account when switching to the Things Portal?

You can read all the differences here.

I have forgotten my password

To reset your password, execute the following steps:

  1. Click Login

  2. Enter your Email address and click Doorgaan

  3. Click Wachtwoord vergeten

  4. Enter your Email address again in the field for Gebruikersnaam and click Doorgaan

  5. Choose E-mail naar ****@*****

  6. Check your email for the authentication code, enter it in the field for Code in and click Doorgaan

  7. Enter a new password and click Doorgaan

    1. It should be between 10 and 100 characters

    2. It should contain at least three of the following types of characters: capital letter, small letter, number, and special character

  8. Your password has now been reset

Device administration

I get the error "Device could not be created. Make sure you have added a LoRa subscription to your profile." when adding a device.

You probably have an account from the early days. Back then, the LoRa network subscription was not enabled by default on you profile.

To fix this, click on your name in the top right (#1 in the screenshot) and click Profile (#2 in the screenshot). Then click Add Network Subscription (#3 in the screenshot).

In the following popup, submit the form. Then return to adding your Device to KPN Things. Now it should work.

I get the error "The network identifier already exists for this network type" when adding a device.

When adding a device you can get the error "The network identifier already exists for this network type". This means the network identifier, DevEUI for LoRa or IMEI for M2M, you are using to register your device is already known in our systems.

You should delete the device record from the device table page using the three dot menu on the right side of the column.

When you are sure you did not register the same device earlier, please contact our support through our forum and state the network identifier with which you got the problems. If you are trying to register a device that was also registered in the LoRa Developer Portal, please state the account name in your question to our support as well. We could transfer your keys from the LoRa Developer Portal to the Things Portal.

I get the error "Device could not be created: The maximum amount of devices for this product has been reached"

This means you try to add more devices to your account than is allowed by your subscription. You could try to remove another device from your registrations or you can contact our commercial support on iot@kpn.com to get more information on upgrading your subscription.

After adding my LoRa device, the Network status of my LoRa Network Details says "FAILED"

This means your LoRa device could not be registered to our LoRa network. Probably the DevEUI is already in use in another application on our network like Thingpark or the LoRa Developer Portal. If you want to register your device in the Things Portal, first remove the device registration from the other application. Then you can re-add the devices in the Things Portal.

After (re-)registering the device in the Things Portal, you should rejoin your Device to the network.

I get this error when I am trying to register my LoRa Developer Portal DevEUI's

Since the DevEUI's you are trying to register are still registered in the LoRa Developer Portal, they cannot be registered in the Things Portal. DevEUI's can only be registered once in our network.

Please send an email to iot-developer@kpn.com stating your account name (email address) and the DevEUI's you want to be able to move. We will remove them from the LoRa Developer Portal and our network and we will answer you when we did it. From then on you can register your device in the Things Portal.

What should I do when I lost the AppEUI or AppKey of my registered device?

If you have a device with pre-programmed identifiers and key that you cannot change, you should contact your supplier to get the information.

If you registered a device and got the identifiers from KPN Things, then there is no way to reset your AppEUI or AppKey for your device at the moment. You should delete your device from your account and add it again, get new identifiers and program the device with the new identifiers.

In time you will be able to view the AppEUI in the Portal and you will be able to generate a new AppKey for your device without having to delete and re-add it.

Device communication

My LoRa device won't join the network

Head on over to the What to expect on first use of the LoRa data history part of our documentation to find the solution to this problem.

I do not receive any data from my device in my application

The data from your device travels the following path to your application:

Device β†’ Network β†’ Processing (Decoder, etc.) β†’ Destination (your endpoint or application)

You can check the following configuration items in the Portal to verify whether the path is correctly set up:

Device's connection to the Network

  • Does your device have (the correct) connectivity information configured?

    β†’ Visit the device detail page and go to the Connectivity tab. You can check the information and if necessary add connectivity information.

  • Is the connectivity indeed activated?

    β†’ Visit, on the device detail page, the Connectivity tab and verify that Network Status is set to ACTIVE. If not, read this FAQ.

  • Can you see data coming in from your device in the Data History?

    β†’ Visit, on the device detail page, the Data History tab to verify incoming data. If you do not see your device joining, you could get more info in this FAQ. Else you should use your device documentation to get it to send data.

Destination's configuration

  • Is your destination configuration correct? E.g. the URL, etc.

    β†’ Visit, on the destination detail page, the Destination Specification tab to check your destination configuration.

    β†’We are working on giving you more insight into the logs of a destination, stay tuned!

  • Is your destination status Active?

    β†’ Visit the destination detail page. The Processing status in the top right card should say Active. If this is not the case, click the Activate button in the top right of the card to activate the destination again.

Flow's configuration

  • Is your Device linked to the Flow?

    β†’Visit, on the Device detail page, the Flows tab to check to which Flows your Device is linked. If the correct Flow is missing, go to Devices in Flow page, click Add Device, click Link an existing Device, and select your Device from the list.

  • Is your Destination linked to the Flow?

    β†’ Visit, on the Destination detail page, the Flows tab to check to which Flows your Destination is linked. If the Flow is missing, go to Destinations in Flow page, click Add Destination, click Link an existing Device, select your Destination from the drop down and click Add Destination.

Decoder activation

  • Is the correct decoder activated?

    β†’ Go to the Data Processing page of your Flow. Click on the Device type of your Device. Verify that one or more Decoders are enabled (The device type can be found in the main card of the Device detail page).

    β†’ If no correct Decoder is activated, click on the toggle of the desired Decoder(s) to enable it.

My question is not answered in the FAQ, how do I get an answer now?

Do you have a question that is not answered here? In that case you can ask your question on the KPN Forum!

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