The KPN Things Portal is the website where you manage and control your KPN Things solutions. You can manage each part of the KPN Things solution, from Device to Destination, to bring your IoT data from the real world to the digital world.

The KPN Things Portal is the visual interface with which you configure your solutions on the KPN Things Data Management platform.

Components in KPN Things

To manage your solution, you will have Projects in KPN Things. These Projects can contain one or more Flows, and in a Flow you link Devices, Data Processing configuration and Destinations together. Since network configuration, or Connectivity, is part of the Device in KPN Things, a Flow expresses the complete way how IoT data should be received, processed and forwarded, from the Device to the Destination and vise versa.

Home page

After you logging into the KPN Things Portal, you will see the home screen. This will give you an overview of everything you can on the Portal. Below the numbered items in the screenshot are explained.




Link to the Project overview page. Learn more about Projects.


Link to the overview of your Devices. Learn more about Devices.


Link to your Destinations overview. Learn more about Destinations.


List of your Projects for quick access.


Quick actions block. Will contain more quick links in the future.


This block allows you to quickly access our support resources.

  • Get started guide - Learn to use the KPN Things Portal to its fullest.

  • Developer Forum - Ask your questions to the community and KPN forum moderators.

  • Contact Sales - If you want to upgrade your KPN Things Portal account.


Your license information.


News feed with the latest information about updates and features of the Portal.


Your account menu drop down:

  • Customer Details - Shows you details of your customer environment in KPN Things.

  • Your Profile - Your personal page for your user account. From here you can change your password for example. Learn more about your Account.

  • Sign Out - Sign Out of the KPN Things Portal.

Customer Details

The Customer Details page can be reached through the account menu drop down (in the top right of the Portal interface).

This page shows you the details of the subscription you or your company has on KPN Things.

On this page you see the general details of your KPN Things account:

  1. The customer details we have on you.

  2. The unique Customer ID of your account. Useful when contacting support.

  3. The GRIP tenant ID of your account, useful when starting to use Things API access.

Additionally the page shows which network subscriptions are part of your Things account.

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