Terms of Use

For the free access to the KPN Things Portal.

KPN Things Freemium enables Users to use KPN Things for free and speed up their development of IoT solutions. After reaching the limits of the free tier it is possible to upgrade to a paid subscription. In order to use KPN Things Freemium and included services such as LoRa keys, M2M SIMs (upon request), manuals and all other relevant services and materials, you have to agree with the following terms and conditions:

  1. KPN Things Freemium is a free to use version of KPN Things. It is meant for testing and experiencing the KPN Things IoT product.

  2. KPN Things Freemium is provided as-is: we do our best to keep the service running, but no agreements are made about availability, coverage, continuity or any other service level.

  3. It is possible to upgrade to a paid subscription of KPN Things, for which separate or additional arrangements shall be agreed upon.

  4. The KPN Things Portal is the user interface which gives access to the features of KPN Things (Freemium).Access to the KPN Things Portal is included with KPN Things Freemium.

  5. The access to the KPN Things Portal shall include the possibility to use LoRaWAN devices/connections. This usage is limited to a maximum of 3 LoRaWAN devices/connections in this free period.

  6. Users may send a maximum amount of 300 uplink messages and 30 downlink messages per day during this free period per device within the limits of regulatory duty cycles*. Users shall adhere to any regulatory requirement regarding the use of the services.

  7. Users may send at most 10% of the uplink messages as Confirmed uplink message.

  8. Usage is limited to the basic KPN LoRaWAN features, focused on getting started fast. Not all features of KPN LoRaWAN are included in this offer.

  9. KPN has the right to stop offering any feature of the KPN LoRaWAN and the KPN Things Freemium at any time without giving reason.

  10. Integration with User systems are conducted through same principles as the commercial KPN LoRaWAN service. This means that transition from the KPN Things Freemium to the commercial KPN LoRaWAN service should be relatively easy. However, it is not guaranteed to be seamless and will require effort from the User.

  11. Any credentials, access codes, passwords KPN provides or user itself generates for access to the KPN Things Portal or KPN LoRaWAN, are the full responsibility of user. Any abuse thereof shall be for the account of user and user shall be responsible to keep these confidential and secure. KPN cannot be held liable for any abuse thereof and user indemnifies KPN for any damage as a result of such abuse.

  12. Users can request 2 M2M SIM cards to experience and test with the KPN M2M connectivity (2G, 4G and LTE-M).

  13. Roaming with the SIM cards is allowed within the EU.

  14. Per SIM it is allowed to use 10MB per month.

  15. The SIM cards cannot be used to access the open internet.

  16. Whenever usage is detected that does not comply to the terms of use, KPN is allowed to terminate the connection.

  17. Documentation that is available for KPN Things is meant to help Users get started. The materials found in this section are provided ‘as-is’ and with best-effort without further obligations from KPN or its partners.

  18. KPN will offer no direct support for users of KPN Things Freemium. All questions will be answered in our forum (forum.kpnthings.com).

  19. Solutions with high security risk are not allowed in KPN Things Freemium. The User is responsible for the determination of such security risk.

  20. Depending on the application of the KPN Things Freemium by the User, User may need to take additional security measures, such as additional protection of a Device, additional security of application servers used by User or additional encryption of customer data. User acknowledges that the foregoing falls outside the scope of responsibilities of KPN, appropriate measures need to be taken by the User.

  21. Use of KPN Things Freemium is at User’s own risk. KPN has no responsibility regarding the use by user of KPN Things Freemium. Under no circumstances KPN can be held liable for any damages user may incur following this agreement or the use of KPN Things Freemium, unless such damages are the result of willful intent or gross negligence by KPN. The liability of KPN for any consequential damages, which shall at least include loss of profits, loss of goodwill or loss if data, is explicitly excluded.

  22. KPN reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to withdraw or to modify KPN Things Freemium and its conditions at any time or to stop providing access to user without prior notice and with no liability.

  23. User is required to fill out personal details fully and truthfully and keep it up to date in the KPN Things Portal for the duration of the usage.

  24. Subject to the limitations and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions, KPN shall grant User a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use any software, hardware or other items provided for using KPN LoRaWAN and KPN M2M, such license is provided solely for internal purposes. KPN reserves the right, in its absolute discretion, to revoke any such grant at any time without prior notice and with no liability.

  25. It is not foreseen that KPN shall process personal data on behalf of user. If user intents to use such personal data for which KPN may be considered processor, user shall inform KPN of its intention and it shall agree with the data processor agreement provided by KPN, before its actual processing of such personal data.

  26. Any processing of personal data by KPN on its own behalf shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, including the GDPR and the Dutch Telecommunications Act, and the privacy statement of KPN at kpn.com/privacy.

  27. User represents and warrants that its use of the services is in compliance with an acceptable use, and specifically represents and warrants that when using the services:

    1. It does not cause any disruption or hinder in the services provided to third parties, the KPN Network or any other network or device

    2. It does not infringe a person’s personal life

    3. It does not infringe any applicable laws or regulations

    4. It does not infringe any third party intellectual property rights

  28. These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of The Netherlands. The Agreement excludes application of the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods 1980. Any disputes between Parties arising from or related to these Terms and Conditions shall be exclusively submitted to a court of law with jurisdiction in Amsterdam.

* LoRaWAN uses the license free 868 ICM-band regulated by Agentschap Telecom. Additional information can be found on www.agentschaptelecom.nl.

Version: 31-5-2021

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