Coming from the LoRa Developer Portal

This page explains what you should take into account when transfering from the LoRa Developer Portal.

You need a new account, a KPN Developer account

Your LoRa Developer Portal account will not work on the Things Portal. You should register for a new KPN Developer account here to get access to the Things Portal.

Things Portal does not support ABP

If you connected your LoRa Devices using ABP, you should switch to OTAA. We do not support ABP anymore.

You can transfer your OTAA devices from LoRa Developer Portal to Things Portal

Don't register your devices in the Things Portal before requesting deletion of their DevEUI's from the LoRa Developer Portal.

Your devices should rejoin the network after the transfer.

If you have devices connected to the LoRa Developer Portal that are using OTAA, it is possible to move them to the Things Portal. You should request the deletion of your devices from the LoRa Developer Portal by sending an email to stating your account name (email address) and the DevEUI's you want to be able to move. We will remove them from the LoRa Developer Portal and our network and we will answer you when we did it. From then on you can register the devices in the Things Portal.

The destination URL is replaced by the HTTPS destination

The data format received by your HTTPS endpoint will be different after switching to the KPN Things Portal. So you should update the code of your endpoint.

In the LoRa Developer Portal you configured one destination URL per device. In the Things Portal your will configure one HTTPS endpoint Destination for each destination URL you have. Then you will use Flows to link the data from devices to this HTTPS endpoint.

The content of the HTTPS request your endpoint will receive is also changed. The data is now formatted as SenML and there is less metadata present in the data. Also the Token that was present in the query parameters is replaced by the Things-Message-Token header.

The HTTPS endpoint is fully documented here:

Downlinks can be sent using the Portal web interface. This is explained in the Send downlink to LoRa device getting started. Sending downlinks through API calls will be available later!

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