M2M devices

Devices with M2M connectivity have some specific tabs on the Device detail page to display M2M specific information.

M2M network info

When registering an M2M device to KPN Things, some information needs to be provided:

  • IMEI - The IMEI number that uniquely identifies your device. This value is used for authenticating the device when IoT data is received by the system.

  • Shared Secret - The pre-shared password used for authorizing ingestion of IoT data from the device by the system. This value is not required for all types of M2M devices.

Additionally, Things needs to know the ICCID of the SIM card that is inserted in the Device. The ICCID that uniquely identifies the SIM card. This is used for connectivity management and sending SMS to the device if configured.

Learn more about M2M connectivity in KPN Things.

Additional information

  • MSISDN - MSISDN is a number uniquely identifying your M2M subscription in the mobile network. It is also known as phone number, or 06-nummer in Dutch. Although M2M SIM cards often have a 079-nummer.

  • Rateplan - The commercial bundel of your SIM card.

M2M data history

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