Release Notes 2020

Version 27 @ 15 December 2020


  • The Portal now supports devices types that have composite downlinks, where one downlink message can contain multiple instructions.


  • If you open the Data Processing for Flow page for a Flow that contains only Devices of one type, the Decoders and Encoders for that Device type are directly visible.


  • M2M connectivity: you can now also link Devices to your SIM card that previously were linked to a different SIM card. This was a bug, now not anymore.

  • We fixed the "Add Destination to Flow" page. If you had more than 20 Destinations, some Destinations could not be selected to be added.

  • Linking SIMs to Streamline M2M Devices is now fixed.

Version 26 @ 1 December 2020


  • Do you want to get started with M2M connectivity in KPN Things! Use the notification link on the Portal homepage to order your own M2M SIMs now!

  • Customer Management: when you revisit details of your customers through for instance a bookmark, the page will now directly open instead of redirect you to the All Customers page.


  • Moved Feedback button a bit down.


  • In rare cases, clicking on "Log in" would not forward you to the login page. This is now fixed.

  • When unpairing a SIM card from your M2M Device, the M2M network info (IMEI and shared secret) will now be kept.

  • Fixed (anonymous) usage logging to Adobe Analytics.

Version 25 @ 17 November 2020


  • The tables on the All Customers, All Devices, and All Connectivity pages and on the LoRa data history tab on the Device detail page have been given sticky headers and sticky action columns. That way the most important information will never scroll out of sight.


  • The loading time of the device detail page has been reduced significantly!

  • We are preparing a performance improvement for several Portal pages that load slowly for customers with large number of Devices.

Version 24 @ 3 November 2020



  • All existing LoRa devices now use the new LoRa Geolocation algorithm Both! This change improves the success rate of LoRa Geolocation by using the received signal strength to calculate a more course location when a fine location calculation does not succeed for a message.

  • All Device type images have been updated.

  • The message on why sending instructions is not available for your Device has been made more clear.

  • Customer management: when switched to a sub customer:

    • Only "Home" and "All Customers" will be visible from the top menu in the side bar.

    • The sub customer resource links don't have the word "All" in them anymore.


  • In sporadic cases, the whole Portal would go grey if a certain type of error occurred. This is now fixed.

  • Deleting a Device is now fixed in Firefox.

Version 23 @ 20 October 2020


  • Device management: The device identifier (DevEUI for LoRa, IMEI for M2M, DvnUUID for Internet) is now shown and searchable on the All Devices page.

  • M2M Connectivity: It is now possible to link your SIM card to an existing Device.

  • M2M Connectivity: It is now possible to link an existing Device to a SIM card.

  • Customer management: It is now possible to open different Customers is different tabs of your browser. Before, you could only have one Customer environment opened at a time.


  • Some search terms did not work as expected on the All Devices page. This is now fixed!

  • For customer environments without Projects the company name will now be displayed in the top right account information.

Version 22 @ 6 October 2020


  • Customer management: a new page is introduced to give you a better overview of your customer: the Customer overview page.

  • M2M connectivity: The detail page of a Things M2M device now shows you more information: MSISDN, Activation date, and Rate plan.


  • The login page has been changed to accommodate loging in with your MijnKPN Zakelijk account.

  • We now use different icons for the big resource buttons on the home page:

  • MijnKPN Zakelijk users will see a link to the service portal instead of a link to the developer portal on the home page.

  • Newly created LoRa-devices will use an upgraded version of LoRa Geolocation. Existing LoRa-devices will follow.

  • When clicking on the current page in de side menu, the page will now reload.


  • Customer Management: when switched to a customer the access rights used to disable buttons was wrong, this is now fixed.

  • The mobile menu will now close when you click on the current page.

Version 21 @ 22 September 2020


  • Devices with M2M or Internet connectivity are now supported by the Add new Device page.

  • For non-freemium customers the customer name will be displayed in the account name in the upper right.


  • General

    • If you would register with an email address that was already registered with the KPN API Store, you account would not be set up correctly. This is fixed.

    • For customers with multiple users, the correct user name will now be shown in the upper right.

    • Some notifications still used the old names for Flow and Destination (those were Device group and Plug respectively). We fixed those notifications.

    • It was not possible to view the Devices or Destinations in a client environment which has no Project. This is also fixed.

  • Device management

    • Last message time is now displayed for all Devices, not only Devices with LoRa connectivity.

  • Customer management

    • When switching to a client did not succeed, the Portal would keep stuck on the Please wait screen. This is now fixed.

    • When switching back to your own client environment, sometimes you would still see the Projects of the previous client environment you switched to. This is fixed as well.

Version 20 @ 8 September 2020


  • We extended LoRa data history documentation and added a link to the text in the Portal.


  • Error notifications will not disappear automatically anymore, since this wrongly suggested that the error was fixed.

  • Introduced anonymous tracking for users that declined advanced cookies as according to our cookie consent.

  • Font size of data in tables is now one pixel smaller (15px), making the data a bit easier on your eyes.

Version 19 @ 25 August 2020


  • There is now a search bar on the All Devices page, to allow you to search for a Device by name.

  • You can now link your Device to a Flow from the Flows tab in the Device detail page.

  • The Portal will now disable buttons and give an informative popup when you are not allowed to perform certain actions.

  • It is now possible to send raw SenML downlinks to Own M2M devices and Own Internet devices in the Portal.


  • The Destination status will be Not yet linked when the Destination is active but not linked to a Flow.


  • The toggle button with which you enable and disable your Data Processing configuration will not toggle if there was an error while processing the request.

Version 18 @ 11 August 2020


  • The names of the Own LoRa device types have been made more clear:

    • Own LoRa Device → Own LoRa Device (programmable)

    • Own LoRa Device with preprogrammed keys → Own LoRa Device (preset connectivity)

  • Listing available decoders when adding a new Device to a Flow is now a bit faster.

  • The backend for LoRa Key issuance has been updated, making it a bit faster as well.


  • We now check the TLS version and cipher of the endpoint of an HTTPS endpoint destination and we do not allow unsafe TLS versions and ciphers anymore. This means TLS should be version 1.2 or above. And you find here more info on the supported ciphers.

Version 17 @ 28 July 2020


  • On the All Customers page you can now search for a certain customer by name.


  • Non-freemium customers can now have multiple users.


  • The Device detail page could temporarily show incorrectly that your Device was not linked to a Flow. This is now fixed.

  • For customers with the Customer Management add-on, the All Customers link in the side menu is now visible.

  • The news will now be refreshed automatically without possible cache issues.

Version 16 @ 14 July 2020


  • We introduced Customer Management for customers who want to manage their own customers as separate environments in KPN Things. This is a payed feature giving you an overview of your customers and the ability to view or edit the configuration of your customers.


  • The icons have been tweaked slightly.

  • We gave the skeleton loader new colors, making it stick out more against the background color.

Version 15.1 @ 7 July 2020


  • The Portal now works again in Firefox and Safari

Version 15 @ 30 June 2020


  • On the Project overview page and Flow overview page, the links to sub-objects have been made smart. So, for example, when your Flow does not have any Destinations, like in the screenshot below, clicking on Destinations will directly bring you to the Add Destination to Flow page. Another example: if your Flow only has one Device, clicking on Devices will directly give you the details of that Device.

  • When you want to post feedback using the Feedback button, and you are already logged in, your personal data will be prefilled!


  • The multiselect field in the form for the Cumulocity destination type has been replaced by a checkbox group

  • The account menu has been upgraded to have three links:

    • Customer Details (renamed) - Shows you details of your customer environment in KPN Things.

    • Your Profile (new) - Your personal page for your user account. From here you can change your password for example.

    • Sign Out - Sign Out of the KPN Things Portal.

  • We upgraded the API Gateway, making our systems more resilient.

Version 14 @ 16 June 2020


  • Support for the Elsys ERS devices is added!


  • The downlink send form is now only visible when it is possible to send downlinks.

  • When switching from the device list of one Flow to the list of another, there was a short window of time where you would see the devices from the first Flow. This is now fixed.

Version 13 @ 3 June 2020

A major release with a new home page, the introduction of Flows, and new icons!


  • Decoder and encoder management has been improved! We created the Data Processing in Flow page as replacement of the activated decoders and encoders on the project detail page. Now you can manage your data processing for each individual Flow (formerly known as Group).


  • All icons in the Portal have been updated!

  • The home page is upgraded! The layout has been improved and we introduced the news section!

  • The names and descriptions of decoders and encoders have been updated.

  • The bèta label has been removed from the page title.

  • Activated decoders and encoders have been removed from the project detail page.


  • After creating a destination, you are now redirected directly to the destination detail page.

  • Delete buttons now show a spinner when the action is pending.

  • The i-button for downlinks have been made clickable.

Version 12 @ 19 May 2020


  • Implemented usage tracking with Adobe Analytics (for users that allowed cookies).


  • You can now delete a Group that still has linked Devices and/or Destinations. These links will be removed on deletion as well.

  • The LoRa Data History has been visually tweaked for even better usability.

Version 11 @ 7 May 2020


  • The Azure IoT Hub Destination type has been added! Connect KPN Things to your IoT Hub now! More info here.

  • The MQTT broker Destination type has been added! This means you can now have KPN Things forward your device's data to your MQTT broker. More info here.


  • On the page Devices in Group you will now see the Device type instead of the manufacturer and model in the second column.


  • Finally we got rid of the false registration error! (Sometimes you could get an "registration failed" error, but your registration would succeed anyway).

  • When adding an existing Destination to a Group, the Destination type is now more human readable.

  • While logging in, sometimes you saw a scroll bar. This is now fixed.

Version 10 @ 21 April 2020


  • We added a cookie consent pop-up to enable us to start Portal usage monitoring.

  • When a device's network subscription is in inventory status, you can now activate the device in the Portal.


  • In line of the upgrade of our terminology, Plugs are now called Destinations!

  • The interface has been tweaked to be more mobile friendly! Like the side menu:

  • It is now not mandatory anymore to add a plug to a new group if you had one. You can now just add a plug after creating the group.

  • The action links block has been phased out.

  • The overflow menu in table rows has been phased out.

  • When clicking on the backdrop of a modal, the modal will now close.


  • Spaces in a SAS key entered when creating or editing an Azure Event Hub plug are now removed in the input field.

  • When creating or editing a Cumulocity Plug for the application Asset Insurance, you can now also enter the input field Missing Asset Device Group ID.

  • When adding a device, you now will see the loading spinners again when a step is loading.

Version 9 @ 7 April 2020


  • We introduced the ThingsML for LoRa payload decoder! ThingsML is a generic payload protocol you can use to let KPN Things automatically decode your device payload before sending it to your application. More information on ThingsML can be found here. Enable the decoder when adding another device or on the project detail page.

  • In the list of activated decoders and encoders in your project, the device type is now shown, making it more clear for which devices the decoder/encoder works.

  • You can now add a device via the All Devices page, making it easier to first work on your device and later on your data processing

  • When adding a device to your group, you can select existing devices now as well!


  • The header logo and favicon have been upgraded.

  • Deleting a device has now been improved.


  • Sometimes when registering you would get a "Registration failed" error, but the registration would succeed nonetheless. This false error is now fixed.

Version 8 @ 24 March 2020


  • On the project detail overview page an activated encoders section is added together with an extra column named 'device specification name'. This column was also added to the activated decoders section.

  • On the All Tenants Page (only visible for specific user roles) a user is able to click and impersonate a certain other user in a certain tenant for which the user is authorized.

  • When you start impersonating the sidebar is adjusted to help the user find the correct information and see which user he is impersonating


  • Notifications will now automatically disappear after ~9 seconds

  • The Delete Plug dialog has been improved and now automatically deletes the plug from all its group(s)


  • All table headers have been improved and aligned

Version 7 @ 10 March 2020


  • On the all plugs page, for each plug is now shown in which projects and to how many groups this plug is linked. This should create some more context when working and managing plugs and should visualize the impact of a configuration change.


  • The device detail page has been improved! By introducing the tabs the user has a more focused view on the data he is interested in. The tabs provide convenient access to existing elements such as the data history and downlink messages. Furthermore in the groups tab you can now see to which groups your device is linked.

  • Forms have been reworked over the entire portal to be more descriptive and at the same time less intrusive. Navigating through the fields of a form will not immediately show any errors. Errors will start showing up when the user really starts interacting with the form (editing a field, clicking submit ...)

  • Titles of several tables have been improved to better reflect what is shown.

  • All notification messages will now disappear after 9 seconds (regardless of the type/ severeness of the notification). When the user hovers his mouse over the notification, it will stay put. As soon as the mouse leaves, the 9-second timer will start again.


  • On the data history tab of the device detail page, clicking on refresh will now cause the expanded data row to collapse.

Version 6 @ 25 February 2020


  • The plug detail page has been improved! By introducing the tabs you can now also see to which groups your plug is linked.


  • Clicking on a plug on the plug overview page now directly gives you the newly improved plug detail page.

  • The plugs in group has been introduced and it has been connected to the new plug detail page as well!


  • Certain product definitions on your project would break the product detail page. That is fixed now.

  • Page titels (the one in the green bar) has been corrected and standardized over all pages.

  • Breadcrumbs on all pages have been corrected if necessary.

  • Now all submit buttons of forms will show a spinner while processing input, so fast people cannot add objects multiple times anymore.

Version 5 @ 11 February 2020


  • We introduced new overview pages for both projects and groups! Overview pages will provide you with one clear overview of the project or group. You will find the new pages when browsing through your Portal starting from "All Projects".


  • The LoRa message logger has been improved! Head over to the device detail page of your LoRa devices to see the result.

    • The complete table has been reconstructed for better usability

    • LoRa Geolocation results are now much more clear

    • We added a date filter and a "show more" button

  • The automatic time-out of your session due to inactivity is extended to 2 hours.

  • The visual margins of page content have been tweaked.


  • Sometimes when creating a device you would get the incorrect error of "You do not have a LoRa subscription". This has been fixed.

  • A minor fix to the applications field in the Cumulocity plug form has been deployed.

  • Sometimes when creating a plug, errors would be displayed correctly.

  • Enforcement of plug limits for freemium users has been fixed.

Version 4 @ 21 January 2020


  • It is now possible to send downlinks to your LoRa device! Head over to your device detail page and you will find the newly introduced "Send data to device" field. If you want to learn more about sending downlinks to your LoRa device, read on here.

  • You can now add existing plugs to existing device groups! Before, you could only add a plug to a device group when creating one of the two. Now, when you go to your device group detail page and you click on the Add plug button, you get a page where you can either select a plug that is not yet connected to that device group, or you can create a new plug.


  • When entering your DevEUI/AppEUI/AppKey while creating a LoRa device, the values will be validated before sending it to the server and the feedback is more descriptive.

  • The HTTPS plug form has been improved

    • Added explanation of the shared secret

    • Made the headers field optional

    • When updating, you do not have to reenter your shared secret anymore

  • The Azure Event Hub plug form has been improved

    • The explanation of the URL field is improved

    • The SAS key and SAS key name fields have been switched

  • The Cumulocity plug form has been improved

    • When updating, you do not have to reenter your username and password anymore


  • When getting an error when creating a device, we now really don't create the device

  • Deleting a device at the device overview page does not remove the network info anymore when it says the deletion has failed

  • The login and logout pages now correctly show that you are a "KPN Developer"

  • URL validation is now even more correct

  • Not entering a custom fragment for a Cumulocity Plug does not create a custom fragment with value empty string anymore

  • When trying to create a Cumulocity Plug that does not send measurements and does not send location update events, it will now succeed

  • The tooltip for the FCnt column in the advanced data logger has been fixed

Version 3 @ 17 december 2019


  • With the newly introduced All Devices page you have a quick overview of all the devices you have in your Things Portal. It also gives you quick access to the details of one of your devices.


  • The login and registration page now have a nicer side image

  • The side menu has been upgraded! It now provides a better overview of all accessible features and you can access your projects even faster.


  • When deleting a device, the device would disappear, but I would not be deleted from the database. That is fixed now.

  • When entering a DevEUI, AppEUI or AppKey with hyphens (-) or underscores (_) we will ignore these characters.

Version 2 @ 3 december 2019


  • Add refresh button to advanced data logger for LoRa devices. Now you can check for new messages without having to refresh the complete website!


  • Implemented cache busting to provide a smooth upgrade of the application code

  • Change order of DevEUI/AppEUI/AppKey fields to better match what others do

  • Order the decoder options alphabetically in the device provisioning

  • Add more explanations on login and register pages


  • Multiple registrations with the same email address are not possible anymore

  • Device can now be edited again

  • On device detail page really show DevEUI value, not SenML base name

  • Notifications now disappear when going to another page

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