Configure a Flow

Learn how to forward the data from your device to your application

Learn more about Flows in KPN Things.

Create your first Flow

If your Project was delivered with already a first Flow, you can skip this step.

  1. Click in de side bar on My first project to open your Project

  2. Click on Flows in the submenu to see the Flows in your project

  3. Click on Add Flow (#3 in the screenshot)

Enter a Flow name, like My First Flow, and click on Create Flow.

Click on Add Devices in the Flow overview page.

In the next screen, click Link an existing Device.

Now you see all Devices you can add to this Flow. Click on your Device to link it to the Flow.

Now your Device is linked to the Flow!

Activate a Decoder

Open your Project, open your Flow, and than click Data Processing.

Click on the Device type for which you want to activate a decoder (#1 in the screenshot below). At this moment you probably have only one type of device linked to the Flow, so open that one. All available decoders are now shown (#2 in the screenshot below).

Here you can toggle on and off what (decoded) data you want to receive in your application (like indicated with #3 in the screenshot above). Click on the link in the description of a decoder of you want to know more.

Again, go to your freshly created Flow overview, but now click on Add Destinations.

In the next screen, open the drop down and select the destination you created in the previous step (Step Connect an HTTPS endpoint).

Last thing to do is to click Add Destination.

Now your Destination is linked to your Flow.

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