Connect sim card or device

Learn how to connect your device to KPN Things

Choose one of the below device types to continue setting up your IoT solution.

Sim card

You can request KPN M2M sim cards at Register for free and find the link in the M2M is now available notification to order your SIM cards.

Continue configuring your SIM cards.

Device simulator app

We recommend starting with connecting the KPN Things device simulator app. You can use this app to simulate a device and send messages whenever your want.

Continue with the Device simulator app.

Supported devices & KPN devices

KPN Things supports commonly used IoT devices out of the box. If you want to get started with one of these devices, continue with Supported devices & KPN devices.

Developer devices

Start experimenting and discover the wide range of possibilities with these developer devices.

Other devices

To connect other devices head over to the Device SDK.

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Configure a flow

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