MQTT broker

It is only possible to connect KPN Things to your MQTT broker using an encrypted connection!

Connect an MQTT broker

The following parameters are available to connect an MQTT broker:

*) required value †) secret value, can only be written


  • {clientUuid} Your Client UUID

  • {mqttClientId} MQTT Client ID

  • {deviceUuid} Device UUID

  • {senmlBaseName} SenML base name

  • {destinationUuid} Destination UUID

  • {messageRequestId} Message request ID

What does the connection do?

  • Open an encrypted client connection to your MQTT broker.

  • Publish all forwarded IoT data in SenML JSON format on topics following the specified topic template.

Trusted TLS/SSL certificates

We do not support self-signed certificates. Your TLS/SSL certificate should be signed by a root certificate authority (CA) that is trusted by the default Java trust store. You can use the SSL Server Test from Qualys to check if your certificate is trusted by the Java trust store:

Your server should preferably use TLSv1.2 or higher, but at least TLSv1.1. Older protocols are not supported because they are not considered safe.

Learn about MQTT

Are you new to MQTT, but still interested in using it? HiveMQ has published some very nice articles about MQTT essentials:

Test with a demo broker

You can find a publicly available Mosquitto MQTT server/broker on This allows you to try to connect KPN Things to an MQTT broker. Do not use this public MQTT broker for production!

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