Supported devices & KPN devices

For more information about the devices that are supported in Things portal head over to IoT devices. Would you like to add your own device, head over to the Device SDK documentation.

1. Add new Device

Head to the Devices in the left menu. Click the Add new device button in the left top corner. This is the place where you register new Devices and add them to KPN Things and our networks.

If you have more than one Project, you will have to select to which Project you would like to add your Device.

2. Select your Device type

Depending on your Project subscription, available Device types may vary.

3. Fill in Device Information

  • Name: Typically can be a Device ID or the name of a physical asset which the device is linked to.

  • Barcode (optional): Barcode or serial number used to identify a device.

  • Description (optional): Any additional device information.

When done, click Add Device to continue.

4. Provide or get Network information

This step will look differently, depending on the type of network information.

Generated LoRa network information (programmable device)

If you selected Own LoRa device (programmable) device type in the previous step, the Portal will give you the OTAA join information (DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey). Make sure to copy-paste or write down the provided identifiers. For security reasons the secret values will not be retrievable through the Portal after closing this page.

Click Finish to continue.

Provided LoRa network information (device with preset connectivity)

If you selected Own LoRa device (preset connectivity) or a supported device type, you should provide the LoRa network information for your device in this step.

Click Add network info to save the network information and then Finish to continue.

M2M network information

  1. IMEI of your Device.

  2. ICCID of your SIM-card - select the correct SIM card from the drop down. If you have an Early access SIM, you choose the option "Add early access SIM" and enter the ICCID of the SIM manually in the newly appeared input field (see A in the screenshot below).

  3. Shared secret

After entering the values, click Add network info to save the information, or click Finish without adding Network to continue without adding network information to your Device object.

Internet network information

  1. DvnUUID - the unique number to identify incoming data from your Device. Your Device UUID is prefilled, but you can enter any UUID you like.

  2. Shared secret

5. Check incoming data in the Portal

You can visit the LoRa data or M2M data tab on your Device Detail Page in the Portal. You should see messages here as soon as the device has activity on the network.

You're ready for the next step:

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