Things Modular

Our Modular proposition serves high volume customers with a dynamic IoT solution. This proposition can scale and adapt, with a pricing model without surprises through pay-per-use modules.

We offer a range of propositions to service our customers. This page deals with the possibilities of Things Modular.

Meet Things Modular

With KPN Things Modular, we offer you a flexible and scalable proposition that allows you to build an IoT solution using standard KPN Things building blocks. From building blocks to connectivity and platform destinations.

Benefits of KPN Things Modular:

  1. Platform: KPN Things is providing you with a comprehensive range of connectivity, data, and device management capabilities.

  2. Devices: You have the option to incorporate KPN devices or your own devices into your IoT solution that seemlessy work together with KPN Things modular. Within KPN Things Modular you can use the device management features to manage your device fleet.

  3. LoRa and M2M connectivity: With KPN Things Modular you get access to our premium connectivity. Whether it is LoRa of M2M, you can use and manage both with KPN Things.

  4. Custom Contract Periods: Tailor your subscription to match your unique requirements with custom contract periods, providing you with added flexibility.

  5. Full Service and Support 24/7: Modular provides full-service and round-the-clock support through the KPN IoT Service Desk. Our team of experts is ready to assist you at any time, ensuring that your IoT solution remains up and running smoothly.

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