Customer accounts & users

Customer account types

There are 2 types of accounts: a KPN Developer account and a MijnKPN Zakelijk account.

Both types of account are part of our GRIP platform. Grip is developed by KPN to provide secure and easy access to your (KPN) applications. Through the GRIP Portal you can manage your KPN application subscriptions and you can perform user management. The exact functionality you have in the GRIP Portal depends on the subscriptions you have for different KPN products. Learn more about GRIP.

KPN Developer account

If you have registered for free for the KPN Things Portal, you have acquired a KPN Developer account. With this free account you also get a Freemium Project.

MijnKPN Zakelijk account

Are you interested to use KPN Things with your company? Or do you already have a MijnKPN Zakelijk account and do you want to add KPN Things to the products you are purchasing from KPN? Please contact our sales support through for more information. Learn more about MijnKPN Zakelijk.

Delete account

Do you wish to delete your account? Please send an email to with the request to be deleted from the KPN Things Portal.

Please attach a screenshot of your Profile page so we have the right information to remove your credentials from our system.

Customer Account details

The Customer Details page can be reached through the account menu drop down (in the top right of the Portal interface).

This page shows you the details of the subscription you or your company has on KPN Things.

On this page you see the general details of your KPN Things account:

  1. The customer details we have on you.

  2. The unique Customer ID of your account. Useful when contacting support.

  3. The GRIP tenant ID of your account, useful when starting to use Things API access.


You can add new users and manage your users in the GRIP Portal, which is accessible through the link:

Add a User in GRIP

Log into the GRIP Portal as administrator.

  • If you have a KPN Developer account, you will be administrator in the GRIP Portal.

  • If you have a MijnKPN Zakelijk account, you should ask your local administrator for access.

Learn more about the account you use to access KPN Things.

2.1. Go to User management

To be able to create API Keys, you need to be an administrator in the GRIP Portal.

Then, open the Admin panel using the role drop down (#1 in the screenshot), click on Identity in the side menu (#2 in the screenshot) and click on Users (#3 in the screenshot). This brings you to the User management page. Now, click Add to add a new User (#4 in the screenshot).

2.2. Create new User

In the following pop-up, fill in the details of the new User. Then click Add to create your new User.

2.3. Give new User access to KPN Things

You need to give your newly created User access to the KPN Things service before you can use it. For this, click on Services and roles (#1 in the screenshot), and click on Add a service (#2 in the screenshot).

A modal will open. Click on the checkbox next to KPN Things (#1 in the screenshot), then select the desired role(s) and access level(s) (#2 in the screenshot) for your new User and hit Add (#3 in the screenshot).

Then, click Save to finally give your User access to KPN Things.

Roles and Access Levels

When adding new User or API key for KPN Things, one or more Roles must be selected to grant the User or API Key a set of permissions. The below list shows the available roles for KPN Things and describes what levels of access each of the roles gives to the user in KPN Things.


Things Manager Admin

Full management access to the Things Manager

To Add/Update/Remove all objects, like devices, flows, destinations etc.

Things Manager Editor

Partial management access to the Things Manager

To Add/Update objects like devices, flows, etc., but not to Remove those objects

Things Manager Read-only

Read-only access to the Things Manager

To View all objects, but not to Add/Update or Remove any of those objects

Firmware (Planned)

Access to all features necessary to perform firmware related management

To Upload and activate firmware on devices

Things Support

Access to the support pages in the Things Portal

To View all support pages and documentation

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