Uplink communication

When data is sent from device to KPN Things
KPN Things Data Management is a data processing platform that enables you to connect all your KPN Things devices to all supported destinations through one standard way of data processing. This principle is visualized in the diagram below:

Device support

Read more on device support:

Network support

KPN Things Data Management supports multiple forms of connectivity to receive data from devices. When you have a KPN Things device it is already configured to work with KPN Things Data Management.
Read more on connectivity support here:



During the optional decoding phase the device specific data protocol is transformed to the universal language of SenML. This is called decoding. Decoding for KPN Things devices and custom devices that use the KPN Things client libraries is taken care of automatically. Therefor there is automatic compatibility with the enrichment phase.


In future releases KPN will introduce data enrichment functionality in KPN Things Data Management.

Destination support

After processing your data will be forwarded to one or more Destinations you have configured.
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