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Device types

Things devices

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In KPN Things the Device type is used to express the connectivity and data capabilities of a Device, like whether it is a LoRa or an M2M device, and its compatibility to Data Processing components such as decoders and encoders.
KPN Things supports the following devices:

KPN Things Devices versus Supported Devices

We have two categories of Device types, namely KPN Things Devices, when you buy a Device from us, and Supported Devices, when you bring your own Device to KPN Things. Each categorie has its own set of Device Management features in the Portal.
KPN Things Devices
Supported Devices
Can be recognized by the 🔒 symbol in the Device list.
Bring or Buy
Bring yourself
Add to / remove from Portal
Edit name and description
Activate / deactivate in Portal
Send / receive raw payload
Send commands
🟡 *
Device Twin - Reported state
Device Twin - Clear measurements
Device Twin - Desired state
🟡 *
Device Twin - Metadata
Legenda ✅ - Available for this device type. 🟡* - Configurable for your own device, coming soon. ❌ - Not available for this device type.
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