The Smartrak M2M GPS tracker is a device produced by Streamline and used for demo purposes. When you push the button the device will send its location to KPN Things.

Check contents of the test device box

The first step is to check if everything is present in the box:


  • Battery (1)

  • Logic board (2)

  • Bottom part of the casing (3)

  • Top part of the casing (4)

  • KPN M2M SIM card (5)

  • Wireless Charger (not shown)

1. Insert SIM and assemble device

Assemble the device

Step 1: Insert the SIM-card and write down the IMEI (1), we need that later.

Step 2: Connect the battery.

Step 3: Connect the vibration motor. This can be a bit of challenge, but you can do this. The connector has to be pushed on the terminal from above instead of sliding

Step 4: Connect the bottom part. This is the wireless charging circuit.

Step 5: Put everything together.

Step 6: Rotate the two parts as shown. The on/off button has to be on the side of the vibration motor.

Step 7: Click two parts of the casing together.

Charge the device

  1. Plug in your QI charging device.

  2. Place the device on the QI charging device and allow it to charge for a few hours.

  3. You should hear a beep when the device starts charging.

2. Configure the device in the KPN Things Portal

Open the KPN Things Portal

Open the KPN Things Portal, and log in with the credentials you received in the mail. Go to the All Devices page and click on Add new Device.

Fill in your device information

  1. Select the Streamline M2M device device type

  2. Enter a name for your test device

  3. Click Add Device to continue

Provide Network Information

Now enter the Streamline M2M specific information of your Device.​‌

  1. IMEI of your Device. This value is printed on the logic board. If you followed the assembly instructions in step 1, you have written this value down.

2. ICCID of your SIM card. This value is printed on your SIM card. Select the correct SIM card from the drop down.‌

3. Click Add Network Info to save the network information and then Finish to continue.‌

If you want, you can learn more about M2M in KPN Things.

Check incoming data in the Portal

Push the button on the device and it will send its location to KPN Things! After the push the LEDs start blinking:

  1. Lightning icon: GPS location is being searched

  2. Battery icon: Device is turned on / charging

  3. Waving person icon: indicates the button is pressed

The first time after connecting the battery it can take up to 5 minutes to receive a message. If the LEDs do not start blinking try to push and hold the on / off button for 10 seconds. The battery LED in the middle should start blinking. If still nothing happens, try to charge the device for at least 2 hours.

You should now visit the Device Detail Page in the Portal of this Device. In the connectivity block, you should see that the last message time indicates that KPN Things just received a message from your Device!

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Configure a flow

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