Project types

The Project type determines what you can and may do in KPN Things Portal. Some KPN Things Projects provide you with more features in the Portal than others.

Depending on the subscription of your Project, one or more of the following restrictions can apply:



End date

The moment your project will expire. Make sure to extend your Project before this date to prevent loss of data.

Device limit

The maximum number of unique devices allowed in your Project. Devices that are linked to multiple Flows in the Project only count as one.

Flow limit

The maximum number of Flows allowed in your Project.

Destination limit

The maximum number of Destinations allowed in your Project. Destinations that are linked to multiple Flows.

will count for the number of links they have in this Project.

Allowed Device types

The device types that are available in your project. Learn more about device types.

Allowed Network types

The type of networks that are available in this Project.

You can find applicable restrictions on the Project detail page of a Project.

Project attributes

A project has the following attributes:

  • UUID - the technical identifier of your project.

  • Name - the name you give to your project.

  • Description (optional) - further explanation of your project.

  • Creation date - the moment your project was created.

  • Subscription - the type of project you have, determined by what product you bought.

Freemium project

The Freemium Project gives you free limited access to the KPN Things Portal:

  • One Project in KPN Things Portal.

  • Access to our Device SDK to get you started with programming your Device.

  • Integrated KPN LoRa functionality:

    • Free registration of up to 3 devices to KPN's nationwide LoRaWAN network.

    • Free use of LoRa Geolocation.

    • Insight in LoRaWAN network communication.

  • Additionally, you can order KPN Things SIM cards to connect M2M devices to KPN Things:

    • Connect up to 2 M2M devices to KPN Things for free.

    • Data communication over HTTP (MQTT will be available in the future).

    • Access to our LTE-M, 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks.

    • European roaming included.

  • Optional payload decoding for supported device types.

  • Forward your data to up to 3 different destinations.

  • KPN Things access is subject to your Terms of Use.

Your Projects

You can find your Projects by clicking on your Customer name in the left menu. If you are a free user, you will get one project named My first project.

Do you want to upgrade one of your Projects? Click on Upgrade.

Project overview

When clicking a project you go to the Project overview page. It gives you an overview of a selected Project:

Project details

On this page you will find technical details of your project. At the project details page, you can edit the name and description of your project yourself.

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