KPN Things Data Management support multiple types of connectivity.

What is Connectivity in KPN Things?

Connectivity management is part of Device management in KPN Things, just like Connectivity is part of your Device in real life.

But what if connectivity is not yet linked to a Device? For instance, you want to view all KPN Things SIM cards you have that are not yet put into a Device. For that and other overviews of your (unlinked) Connectivity we created the All Connectivity page.

KPN Things comes with two types of integrated networks:

  • Our country wide LoRa-network

  • Our cellular M2M network (2G/3G/4G/LTE-M) with non-steered global roaming.

Devices that are not connected to our integrated networks can still connect to KPN Things over the internet.

Since LoRa connectivity can only exist as part of a LoRa Device, the Connectivity detail page for a LoRa device is identical to the Device detail page.

All Connectivity page

You can only see 'Connectivity' in the menu when at least one SIM card or LoRa connectivity is assigned to your account.

This page gives you an overview of all Connectivity items you have.

The following elements can be found on this page:

  1. The number of connectivity items you have.

  2. An overview of your connectivity items, displaying the following information:

    1. Type - Type of connectivity.

    2. ICCID / DevEUI - Unique connectivity identifier.

    3. Connection - Whether the connection is active or not.

    4. Activated on - (only for M2M) When the connectivity was first activated.

    5. Device - The Device name of the Device the connectivity item is linked to.

    6. Bundle/Rate plan - (only for M2M) The set of applied rules for your SIM card, i.e. whether you may roam and how much data you can use.

    7. APN - (only for M2M) the APN(s) your SIM card may connect with.

    8. Clicking on a row will open the Connectivity detail page of the selected connectivity item.

  3. A search bar to search in Type, Identifier and Connection.

Add new Connectivity

It is not yet possible to order more SIMs through the Things Portal. If you want to add more SIM cards to your account, please contact us:

Connectivity detail page

On the Connectivity detail page of an unlinked Things M2M Connectivity item - a SIM card - you can see the following:

  1. Information of the SIM card:

    • The ICCID of the SIM card.

    • The MSISDN of the SIM card.

    • The connectivity status - Active or Deactivated.

    • The moment the SIM card has been activated for the last time.

    • The rate plan of the SIM card.

  2. Button to link SIM card to a Device.

Once your Connectivity is linked to a Device, the Connectivity detail page will be unified with the Device detail page. i.e. They will be identical.

After clicking Link Device on the Connectivity detail page, you will be given a list of Device that do not have a SIM card linked to it.

On this page you can search for the Device you are looking for using the search bar (#1 in the screenshot above). By clicking Link in the row of the desired Device (#2 in the screenshot above), you will link the SIM card to that Device.

Next, if the selected Device does not have M2M device information yet, you will be prompted to enter the IMEI and shared secret for the Device (#1 in the screenshot). If you want, you can let the Portal generate a new shared secret for your Device with the Generate button (#2 in the screenshot). After entering the values, click Save to continue (#3 in the screenshot). Learn more about Connecting M2M Devices.

After linking your SIM card to a Device, you will land on the Device detail page.

KPN Things LoRa

Allows the connection of KPN Things LoRa devices.

pageConnecting LoRa Devices

KPN Things M2M connectivity

Allows the connection of KPN Things M2M devices.

pageConnecting M2M Devices

Internet connected

Allows the connection of IP capable devices or systems.

pageConnecting Internet devices

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