KPN LocationTag II v3

Technical information about the KPN Things devices.

Also known as Streamline Security Tag with WiFi. Tag for localization with NFC, FSK and WiFi. Tag can use WiFi scanning for localization in missing mode.

  • Supported network type(s): KPNLORA

  • Device Specification ID: kpn-locationtag-ii-v3

  • Device Specification UUID: dbc8bf09-86d2-4cce-a716-b9ceffeb5933

+ LoRa Geolocation data

Add LoRa Geolocation data to messages where location could be calculated.

+ Location by LoRa On Premises Gateway reception

Add location data to messages that are received by known LoRa On Premise Gateways.

› Decoded payload for Asset Tracking with WiFi scan results

Decoder for Streamline LoRa short and long payloads containing a.o. Wifi scan results and battery voltage. Long payloads also contain a.o. firmware

Expected SenML records

› Decoded payload for Asset Tracking with WiFi scan results (v2)

Decodes fields from a Streamline LoRa payload for asset tracking with WiFi scan results.

The following SenML records can be present, amongst others:

Example SenML

SenML can be structured in different ways, and we do not guarantee the examples below will look the same as what you will receive on your Destination. To make sure you can handle the SenML optimally, take a look at our documentation about Understanding and Interpreting SenML Data.

        "bn": "urn:dev:DEVEUI:0123456789012345:",
        "bt": 1693136532.83,
        "n": "mode",
        "vs": "missing"
        "n": "batteryVoltage",
        "u": "V",
        "v": 2.81
        "n": "dataType",
        "vs": "wifiScan"
        "n": "mac:0876ff941c76:wifiSignalStrength",
        "u": "dBW",
        "v": -115
        "n": "mac:b4f26727b684:wifiSignalStrength",
        "u": "dBW",
        "v": -116
        "n": "mac:b6f21727b684:wifiSignalStrength",
        "u": "dBW",
        "v": -116
        "n": "mac:7297416de37f:wifiSignalStrength",
        "u": "dBW",
        "v": -104
        "n": "timeOrigin",
        "vs": "NETWORK"

‹ Encoded device commands

  • Protocol: LoRa downlink

  • Description: Set the device mode.

  • Multiple commands in one downlink: No

Input mapping:

  • Name: mode

    • Value: Presales (translates into → 150098078051010080510115013F01001501FB018016)

    • Value: Active (translates into → 15009807201C0000201C0015013F01001501FB014016)

    • Value: Missing (translates into → 15009807F0000000F0000015013907000000000000001501FB01C1150402010115040E010015042C02050516)

    • Value: Inactive (translates into → 14009808FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF110000000001000000)

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