The LoPy4 is a quadruple bearer MicroPython enabled development board (LoRa, Sigfox, WiFi, Bluetooth) perfect enterprise grade IoT platform for your connected Things. With the latest Espressif chipset the LoPy4 offers a perfect combination of power, friendliness and flexibility.

1. Setup your LoPy4 device

Use the getting started from the Pycom documentation to get started with your LoPy4. Make sure you setup both the hardware and software. You should be able to program the module when continuing this getting started.

2. Determine device identifiers

The LoPy4 is a LoRa device, and to register a LoRa-device to a network you need three values: DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey. These values must be registered in KPN Things and in the device. For more information on these three values you can read Device Identification in the LoRa documentation.


How to get it


Use this code snippet from the Pycom documentation to retrieve the pre-programmed EUI from your LoPy4. You can use that one as DevEUI.


You can use this general purpose AppEUI: 0059AC00000FFFFF


Every device should have its own unique AppKey, since it is the root security key of your device. You can generate a unique AppKey here: https://www.loratools.nl/#/keys.

3. Register your LoPy4 to KPN Things

Open the KPN Things Portal

Open the KPN Things Portal. Go to the All Devices page and click on Add new Device.

Fill in your device information

  1. Select the Own LoRa device (preset connectivity) device type

  2. Enter a name for your LoPy4

  3. Click Add Device to continue

Provide Network Information

Fill in the three values you determined in the previous step Determine device identifiers. Then click Add Network Info to save the network information and then Finish to continue.

Check your newly created Device

You are now on the Device Detail Page. In the LoRa tab you will see the network status. This can temporarily be Pending creation, but if you refresh the page it should switch to Active. This means your device is correctly registered to the network.

If the network status sticks to Pending creation, you could try to delete the Device and register the device again.

If the Network Status ended up in Failed, something has gone wrong. Most likely the DevEUI is already registered through another application like Thingpark or the LoRa Developer Portal. Please make sure you remove the device registration from the other application and re-add the device in the Things Portal. For more information consult our FAQ.

5. Program your device

Use the LoRaWAN with OTAA example from Pycom to get your device connected with our LoRa network and have it send data to KPN Things.

Check incoming data in the Portal

Now your LoPy4 has joined and is sending data, you could visit the LoRa data tab on your Device Detail Page in the Portal. You should see your Join request and Join accept appear like in the screenshot below and at this point you will see more data as well.

Read more information about what you see on the LoRa Data History tab.

Setup data flow in KPN Things

You now successfully connected your LoPy5 device to KPN Things! To further setup your data flow in KPN Things, you can go to the next step:

pageConfigure a flow

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