DIY Decoder 🔜

🔜 Coming soon

This feature is currently in active development. This page has been created to give you a sneak preview of this awesome feature. We expect to release it in the second half of 2024.

How it works

This page describes the current design of the DIY Decoder functionality. The final version of this feature could differ from what is described below.

With the DIY Decoder, you can upload your own snippet of code that will run in KPN Things as decoder for the messages from your LoRa Devices.

The code snippet should be written in Javascript, set up like the example below. The code snippet receives the LoRa FPort and Payload and should output SenML measurements.

In the beginning we do not provide a code editor in the Things Portal. You should write the code snippet in the editor of your choice - for instance Visual Studio Code - and upload your code snippet to KPN Things through our API.

After putting your DIY Decoder in place, all messages from Devices connected to the DIY Decoder will be decoded by your own DIY Decoder.

A test routine for your DIY Decoder will be developed later.

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