Management data model

Explaining the data model of the platform.

  • Green bordered blocks are objects provided to you.

  • Green filled blocks are objects you can create and manage.

  • Grey bordered blocks are objects globally managed by the system.


If you have an account on KPN Things Data Management, it belongs to a Customer account. All main objects in the KPN Things Data Management belong to a Customer: Projects, Devices, Destination and Network subscriptions.

A Network subscription contains information for network types for a specific client. Learn more about connectivity types.


Each Project defines a solution you buy or build in KPN Things. Learn more about Projects.


With a Flow you link one or more devices to one or more plugs. So, if data is received from a device in a device group, its data will be forwarded to the plugs that are in the same device group.

A project has one or multiple activated decoders and encoders. These decoders prescribe which decoders should be used when data is received by a device that is in a device group that belongs to this project. Learn more about Flows.


A Device represents a single physical device that can send data to the platform. When creating a device you tell the system the device specification it belongs to.

A Device specification has one or multiple supported network types. For all our supported device types, go to Devices.

For a device, you can create a Network info for each supported network type of the given device specification.


A Destination allows you to forward the data from your devices to an external system. For detailed information go to Destinations.

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