Things Explorer

Our Explorer proposition serves as an easy step-up from Freemium to move into production with your IoT solution.

We offer a range of propositions to service our customers. This page deals with the possibilities of Things Explorer.

Meet Things Explorer

When you want to expand the number of connections and grow your IoT solution, you can step up from KPN Things Freemium to KPN Things Explorer. Things Explorer serves as our entry subscription model, allowing you to purchase LoRa and M2M connections and use our IoT platform.

Possibilities of Explorer:

  1. Platform: KPN Things is readily accessible through online registration, providing you with a comprehensive range of functionalities, flows, and device management capabilities. Access to Cisco is also available upon request

  2. Purchase LoRa and M2M connections: KPN Things Explorer gives you the opportunity to purchase LoRa and M2M connections.

  3. Transparent and Cost-effective Pricing: KPN Things Explorer offers you a transparent and cost-effective pricing structure. With a fixed rate per active connection per month, you can effortlessly scale your IoT deployments without worrying about excessive costs. SIM cards have a one-time fee, charged to your monthly bill.

  4. Flexibility and Agility: Flexibility is at the core of KPN Things Explorer. You have the freedom to cancel your subscription on a monthly basis, giving you the agility to adapt to evolving business requirements.

  5. Support via KPN Forum

Ready to take your project to the next level? Upgrade to an Explorer Project and unleash the full potential of your ideas. With KPN Things Explorer, you can seamlessly connect and manage up to 1000 IoT devices, unlocking limitless possibilities for your IoT deployments.

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