This page describes how to configure a Destination in KPN Things to send your data to the ThingsBoard cloud platform.

KPN Things: Configure a ThingsBoard destination


Give your ThingsBoard Destination a name and optionally a description.

  • Destination name (required) - the administrative name of your Destination.

    Technical name: name

    Example value: Tenant X

  • Description - an administrative description of your Destination.

    Technical name: description

    Example value: Tenant with Materieelbeheer application

Connection details

First you need to create a ThingsBoard Cloud account (Professional Edition) on Then follow the instructions below to create an integration in your ThingsBoard account. Keep your KPN Things Destination configuration screen open, as you will need to copy information from and to it later.

ThingsBoard: Create an integration

Log in to your ThingsBoard account and go to Integrations center > Integrations. There, add a new integration (by clicking the "+"-sign) and follow the steps below.

1. Basic settings

In the first step, enter the following information.

  • Integration type (required) Select HTTP as the integration type.

  • Name (required) Enter a descriptive name, anything you like, such as KPN Things integration.

Click Next.

Select Create new uplink data converter and enter a descriptive name, such as KPN Things converter.

Next, replace the example code with the following code:

// KPN Things converter code for ThingsBoard
// (Change at you own risk ;-) 

return decodeToJson(payload);

Click Next.

Skip this step. Yes, by clicking the Skip button ;-).

4. Connection

In this step, you need to copy/paste information back and forth. So pay attention, please.

  • HTTP endpoint URL Copy the HTTP endpoint URL from ThingsBoard into the KPN Things Destination configuration.

  • Enable security (Headers filter) In ThingsBoard, switch the toggle Enable security (Headers filter) to on.

  • Add a set of headers Click Add to reveal a set of input fields.

  • Configure the Header and Value pair Go back to the KPN Things Destination configuration screen, and click the Generate button next to the Security header fields. This will generate a value for the X-Things-Secret header. Copy/paste both the Header and generated Value to the corresponding fields in ThingsBoard. Then, press Add the save new integration in ThingsBoard.

Lastly, go back to the KPN Things Destination configuration screen and press the Add ThingsBoard destination button to save the new destination in KPN Things.

Now you are finished and good to go!

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