Things Freemium

Our Freemium proposition serves new customers who either want to test-drive KPN Things or who need to run a proof of concept to convince peers for the next step in IoT.

We offer a range of propositions to service our customers. This page deals with the possibilities of Things Freemium.

Meet Things Freemium

With Things Freemium, you can experience the core functionalities of our KPN Things platform, completely free of charge. This means you have the opportunity to test and evaluate our platform's capabilities and connectivity. We provide all the KPN Things functionalities but with limited connections.

Possibilities of Freemium:

  1. Platform: KPN Things is accessible through online registration, providing you with a comprehensive range of functionalities to create and manage IoT solutions with connectivity device management capabilities. Cisco Control Center is available on request.

  2. Free LoRa Keys and M2M SIMs: You will receive directly three LoRa keys (300 uplinks and 30 downlinks) and on request two M2M SIMs (100MB of data), empowering you to connect and communicate with IoT devices.

  3. Support via KPN Forum: Our community on the KPN Forum is available to provide support and guidance, ensuring you have the assistance you need along your IoT journey.

  4. One-year trial period

We hope that by embracing our Freemium proposition, you can discover the opportunities IoT and KPN Things has to offer.

If you're looking to take your IoT experience to the next level, we invite you to upgrade your Freemium account and explore the enhanced features and capabilities of KPN Things Explorer.

Get started! Get free account with sims here.

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