Device simulator app

A companion app for KPN Things

Our KPN Things Device simulator app for either iOS or Android allows you to test KPN Things with your mobile phone as a Device. If you don’t have a suitable IoT Device available you’ll still be able to set up your data Flow and test-drive your solution end-to-end.


  • Easily add the app as a Device in your KPN Things account.

  • The app allows you to choose which phone metrics to use as Device data.

  • Send the data once or at a regular interval.


You will need a πŸ“± smartphone (iOS or Android) and a πŸ’» computer. Each step of this getting started uses the smartphone or computer icon to tell you on what apparatus you should be taking those steps.

1. Download the app πŸ“±

The mobile application is available on both iOS and Android. Head on over to the store to download the app.

Available in the Google Play Store

2. Register for free KPN Things account πŸ’»

If you don't have an account already, you should register for a free KPN Developer account. This account will grant you access to the KPN Things Portal.

Having trouble registering? Here you can find more help on registration.

3. Register your simulator app in Things πŸ’»

On your computer, head on over to the KPN Things Portal, go to All Devices (#1 in the screenshot below) and click Add new Device (#2 in the screenshot below).

In the following screen, select the Device simulator (Mobile Phone app) device type. Fill in the rest of the form, and click Add Device.

Now you should see the DvnUUID and Shared secret - those are the technical username and password for your Device simulator app - and a QR-code. This QR-code contains the credentials for your Device simulator app.

Now head on over to your mobile phone!

4. Scan the QR code with the app πŸ“±

Open the KPN Things Device simulator app on your mobile phone and click the Scan QR-code button. Point your camera to the QR-code on the Portal in order to import the credentials into your Device simulator app.

You should now see the message Device Configuration saved and the home screen of the Device simulator app.

5. Finalize setup in Things πŸ’»

Now head on over to your computer again and click Add Network Info, and then Finish to finalize the registration of your Device simulator app. You will now land on the Device detail page. We will get back to this in a while.

Learn more about the Device detail page.

6. Send first measurement πŸ“±

Now, on your smartphone, select which measurements you want to send by (de)selecting the corresponding checkboxes (#1 in the screenshot below). Then, click the button Send data now (#2 in the screenshot below) to send your first measurement.

7. Check incoming message in Things πŸ’»

Back on your computer, refresh the page. You should now see a value next to Last message, indicating that Things has received the measurement from your Device simulator app!

Setup data flow in KPN Things πŸ’»

You now successfully connected your Device simulator app to KPN Things! To further setup your data flow in KPN Things, you can continue with the following manual to setup your first Destination in Things.

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