Smart rules

Smart rules can be set in 2 different places:

  • Global smart rules in the Configuration menu

  • Smart rules in the 'Smart rules' tab of a group or in the 'Info' tab of a device

You can find more information about smart rules here:

Advice for the use of Global smart rules

Global smart rules that are created in the configuration menu will be applied to the groups and/or devices selected in the global smart rule. The smart rule will also be visible in other groups and devices, but with the toggle set to "disabled".

If the global rule is changed on a group or device, those changes are applied to the global rule, which means that all devices and groups will have the changed rule applied, not just the group you made the change in. Therefore, we recommend using the prefix "Global:" in the rule name of the global smart rule to be able to distinguish between local and global smart rules.

If you want a different configuration for that global rule on a specific group or device you can duplicate & edit the global rule for that group or device and disable the Global rule.

For the smart rule the nrOfHits must be used.

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