Release notes

How to get started with Fly monitoring

Release 1.3.0 (1 nov 2022)

Improvements and new features

  • Fly count widget, for calculating the total number of flies in a date period.

Release 1.1.1 (22 March 2022)

Bug fixes

  • Titles of widgets in Safari are now full width (and no longer are cut off).

Release 1.1.0 (8 March 2022)

Update translations on dashboard configuration page.

Improvements and new features

  • Update translations on dashboard configuration page.

  • Changed arrows in collapse button to menu icon and transition removed

  • Italic font style in dropdowns removed

  • Background of the dropdowns are now opaque instead of transparent

Release 1.0.0 (22 February 2022)

Improvements and new features

  • First release of the Fly monitoring application based on the earlier standard cockpit application


  • Global smart rules can not be edited for one specific group. If you edit global smart rules inside a group, these edits will also be applied in other groups. We recommend creating smart rules inside a group for rules that need to be specific for one group.

Bug fixes

  • The system alarm message referring the Esper is no longer visible.

Known issues

  • The text in the Dashboard configuration screen is not yet translated (only in English).

  • Widget titles are ellipsed (shortened) on Safari

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