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Geozones are Managed Objects in the Cumulocity domain model, identifiable as a geozone by the c8y_IsGeozone fragment.
A Geozone is a Managed Object. Geozones are childAssets of Clients.

Geozone Managed Object properties

Additionally to the default Managed Object fragments, a Geozone Managed Object looks as following:
"name": "<geozone name>",
"guid": "<unique uuid, generate for example here:>",
"type": "kpn_Geozone",
"c8y_IsForAssetTracking": {},
"c8y_IsGeozone": {},
"geoJSON": {
"features": [
"geometry": {
"coordinates": [
[4.489977, 51.917174],
[4.516802, 51.913333],
[4.477836, 51.900043],
"type": "Polygon"
"type": "Feature"
"type": "FeatureCollection"
  • Keep in mind, latitude and longitude are in the order [LONGITUDE,LATITUDE]in the coordinates array.
  • Latitude and longitude are float values.
  • keep in mind the guid value should be unique for each Geozone!


A Geozone is a child asset of a Client. Clients can be created through the web interface.
Below is an API call example that references an existing Geozone Managed Object with an existing Client Managed Object.
POST /inventory/managedObjects/<assetId>/childAssets HTTP/1.1
Host: <tenantName>
Authorization: Basic <token>
Content-Type: application/json
"managedObject": {
"id": "<geozoneId>"