2. Connect a LoRa Device

Learn how to connect your device to KPN Things

Learn more about Devices in KPN Things.

Create your first device

Go to the All Devices page (#1 in the screenshot) and click on Add new Device (#2 in the screenshot).

Select your Device type

Your choices in the free tier are:

  • Own LoRa device (programmable): Connect a LoRa device for which you currently do not have LoRa connectivity credentials (DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey). These credentials will be provided during registration of the device in KPN Things.

  • Own LoRa device (preset connectivity): Connect a LoRa device that has built in LoRa connectivity that came with the device. You will need to enter the DevEUI, AppEUI, and AppKey of this device during registration in KPN Things.

  • Viloc Tag, Streamline LoRa, Elsys ERS, or 1M2M ED1608: if you have such a device, you can connect it to KPN Things and use the payload decoders for these specific devices. These devices have preset connectivity as well.

The selection of available devices is constantly under construction. Do you miss support for a specific device? Please let us know in the feedback form.

Detailed information on all supported device types can be found here.

Fill in your Device Information

  • Name: Typically can be a Device ID or the name of a physical asset which the device is linked to.

  • Barcode (optional): Barcode or serial number used to identify a device.

  • Description (optional): Any additional device information.

When done, click Add Device to continue.

Retrieve or provide Network Information

Programmable device (we provide credentials)
Device with preset connectivity (you provide credentials)
Programmable device (we provide credentials)

1. If you selected Own LoRa device (programmable) device type in the previous step, the Portal will give you the OTAA join information (DevEUI, AppEUI and AppKey). Make sure to copy-paste or write down the provided identifiers. For security reasons the secret values will not be retrievable through the Portal after closing this page.

2. Click Finish to continue.

Device with preset connectivity (you provide credentials)

1. If you selected Own LoRa device (preset connectivity) or a supported device type, you should provide the LoRa network information for your device in this step. For more information on the OTAA join information, read this page.

2. Click Add Network Info to save the network information and then Finish to continue.

Check your newly created Device

You are now on the Device detail page. In the Status block you will see the LoRa Connectivity status (#1 in the screenshot below). This can be temporarily set to Pending creation, but if you refresh the page it should switch quickly to Active. This means your device is correctly registered to the network. If the LoRa Connectivity sticks to Pending creation, you could try to delete the device and provision again.

If the Network Status ended up in Failed, something has gone wrong. Most likely the DevEUI is already registered through another application like Thingpark or the LoRa Developer Portal. Please make sure you remove the device registration from the other application and re-add the device in the Things Portal. For more information consult our FAQ.

Now you can turn on your device and see it join our LoRa network! Refresh the Data History table (#2 in the screenshot below) and you should see your Join request and Join accept appear (#3 in the screenshot below). Learn more about LoRa data history.

Learn more about Devices in the KPN Things Portal, or continue the getting started by connecting a Destination!