Release Notes 2022
See here what's new to the KPN Things Portal!
We schedule to release an update of the KPN Things Portal every two weeks. In these updates you can expect new features, upgrades of existing features and fixes

Version 22.10 @ 17 May 2022

  • Upgrading from Freemium to Explorer (unlimited devices, invoiced monthly) is for real. The Upgrade-button on the home page offers Freemium users pricing & features info and access to a form for the actual upgrade. Other user still get the old school upgrade through an e-mail.
  • Improved data synchronization for more speed and flexibility.
  • More details for M2M connectivity.

Version 22.09 @ 3 May 2022

  • A simpler, fresh looking Welcome page.
  • Groundwork for something big.
  • A few things you hopefully never noticed.

Version 22.08, skipped

Version 22.07, skipped

Version 22.06 @ 22 March 2022

  • M2M Things+ SIM cards (still in testing phase) are now also shown in the SIM cards dropdown in step 2 of Adding a new M2M device.
  • Added CSRF/XSRF security measures to the Things Portal.
  • Stability and security updates.

Version 22.05 @ 8 March 2022

  • M2M Things+ SIMs (which are still in testing phase) can now also be selected when linking Connectivity to a Device
  • For Cumulocity destinations, "Autorefresh credentials" is now only made available for KPN Things Cumulocity accounts, since those are the only accounts we can autorefesh

Version 22.04 @ 22 February 2022

  • On the Devices in Flow page, you can now see the date and time from when a Device was added to the Flow! Unfortunately this information is only available for Devices linked after March 17th 2021.


  • The column widths of the All Projects, All Destinations and Status Downlink tables have been optimized.


  • The order of the downlink history in the Device details page is now fixed to always be descending in send date.
  • Sometimes you would get an error when linking a SIM to a Device, while in the end they would end up linked anyway. This is now fixed.
  • The button style on the Link Device to Flow page has been fixed.

Version 22.03 @ 8 February 2022


  • After switching projects when adding a Device in the Portal, sometimes you would see the wrong device types. This is now fixed.
  • Standardized the “do you want to upgrade” popup on different places in the Portal.

Version 22.02 @ 25 January 2022


  • If you visit a specific Portal page while not logged in, we will now redirect you back to that page after logging in.


  • Columns with numbers in them are now aligned to the right.


  • Sorting on device type did not work in some cases on the Device pages. Now it works again